Employee Spotlight: Andreas Handel, Ph.D.

Posted by Sara Miller on Aug 26, 2022 4:16:39 PM

Welcome back to our blog series: Employee Spotlights! MetrumRG values our employees as both team members and individuals. This series features new employees each month and provides professional and personal insight, so we can celebrate our individuality and commonalities. 

handel_small-248x300This month we highlight Andreas Handel, Ph.D.  

Andreas joined MetrumRG in May 2022 as a Visiting Scientist from the University of Georgia. He will be with MetrumRG through December 2022.  Andreas applies modeling and simulation to understand a variety of pharmacological mechanisms in different disease states, and he also contributes to MetrumRG internal projects, specifically, the MeRGE (MetrumRG Ecosystem) framework that illustrates a workflow using Bayesian modeling with Stan. 

What do you like most about working at MetrumRG?

So far, it has been an incredibly collegial experience. Everyone is willing to help each other and work towards producing great results. It is also very intellectually stimulating to work with such a group of smart people.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I like growing things I can eat, veggies and fruits. I’m not spending quite as much time in my garden as I should, but a lot of stuff grows anyway. Sometimes too much. Currently, we have eggplant overload.

What is your top bucket list item (if you have one)? Have you completed it?

One thing I’d like to do is a safari in Africa. I’ve done a short one many years ago and would like to do a longer one at some point. Iceland is also high on my list. And there are many US National Parks I haven’t been to. My whole bucket is pretty much traveling. :)

What is your favorite food? 

Pretty much anything involving cheese and/or pasta is high on my list. 

What did you want to be when you were a child?

As a young kid, I liked to look out the window of our apartment in the city where we lived and see what was going on. I was fascinated by the garbage collectors and the construction workers, so at some point, those were jobs I aspired to. Once I got a bit older, those jobs lost their appeal, and I haven't had a specific dream job since. For better or worse, I get easily interested in a lot of things, so finding something to work on that I like has so far not been difficult.

What Andreas' colleagues say about him: 

"I am so happy that Andreas has joined our MetrumRG statistics team as a Visiting Scientist! He has quickly become a key contributor to the continuous improvement of our modeling tools and processes, bringing a fresh and welcome perspective to each project. His passion for teaching and effective communication has elevated all of the teams that he has worked with since joining MetrumRG. I’m really looking forward to continuing our collaboration through December (and beyond!)."  --Jonathan French



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