Where to find MetrumRG in August!

Posted by Shona Kidd on Aug 12, 2019 8:09:18 AM

Our scientists are attending and presenting at many conferences in August. Here's where you can find them:

Read on for more information:

About noRth

August 15-16 | Minneapolis, MN

noRth is a conference for R users in the Twin Cities and north region. It is aimed at intermediate to advanced R users and consists of a half-day Shiny shore course and a day of interactive talks. This event is sold out. 

About StanCon

August 20-23 | Cambridge, UK

StanCon is two days of tutorials followed by two days of talks, open discussions, and statistical modeling. MetrumRG's own Yi Zhang, Ph.D., will be co-presenting a tutorial during Track 3:

Population and ODE-based models using Stan and Torsten. August 20, 21 afternoons. Instructors Charles Margossian, Yi Zhang.


This class covers techniques to build, fit, and criticize Bayesian models in pharmacometrics. When handling such models, we must address the following challenges: (i) the data generating process involves solutions to ODE systems; (ii) these ODEs are embedded in a complicated event schedule; (iii) the data comes from various sources, for instance various patients and studies, and the resulting models are hierarchical. Note that these properties are not specific to pharmacometrics, and arise in other fields such as epidemiology, geology, and econometrics. To accommodate a broad audience, we will keep the core concepts general, and review basic notions of pharmacometrics, so that participants from all fields can do the exercises.

The course reviews elementary techniques to solve ODEs in Stan, the efficient parametrization of hierarchical models, and within-chain parallelization. We also introduce Torsten, an extension of Stan for pharmacometrics, which allows us to seamlessly combine the above methods. We will give participants access to a cloud platform, so that users may use multiple cores when parallelizing Stan and Torsten. Original tutorial abstract here.

About R/Pharma

August 21-23 | Harvard University

The second annual R/Pharma conference is a single track conference consisting of keynotes from renowned industry practitioners to key R developers to leading academics, pre-conference workshops and full-length presentations as well as a number of shorter, highly-energetic lightning talks. This event is now full. MetrumRG scientists that will be presenting:

  • Devin Pastoor, Ph.D., will give a presentation on the topic of package management on Thursday, August 22.
  • Jeannine Fisher, M.S., will present "Leveraging multiple R tools to make effective pediatric dosing decisions" on Thursday, August 22.
  • Madeline S. Gastonguay, will present "Prediction of maternal-fetal exposures of CYP450-metabolized drugs using physiologic pharmacokinetic modeling implemented in R and mrgsolve" on Friday, August 23.

About ISoP NE - IPSP Symposium

August 26 | Cambridge, MA

This one-day symposium is focused on the integration of Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology (iPSP). The goal of the symposium is to raise awareness of the value created in linking primary pharmacometrics with systems pharmacology and provide a forum highlighting success stories in this space. 

MetrumRG's Chief Science Officer, Matthew M. Riggs, Ph.D., is an invited speaker for the event.

If you want to plan to meet up with Metrum Research Group scientists at an event, you can see where we'll be on our website events calendar.

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