Employee Spotlight: Eric Anderson - Navigating Data with Dedication

Posted by Barb Turney on Feb 16, 2024 4:29:48 PM

websize2-260x260Eric Anderson has been an invaluable member of the MetrumRG team since 2017. Over the years, has contributed a practical and dedicated approach to skillfully navigating the complexities of data.

Eric began his career in the insurance industry as an actuarial analyst. His experience in analyzing insurance data and modeling risk put him in a position to smoothly transition into the field of model-informed drug development at MetrumRG. In his current role, Eric assembles clinical trial data into model-ready datasets, creates visualizations (including interactive dashboards) to help describe data, and develops tools to help facilitate these and other modeling project tasks.

When asked about his favorite aspect of working for MetrumRG, Eric expressed, "Undoubtedly, the camaraderie is what stands out the most. I admire the willingness of every team member to tackle any problem or question, fostering a collaborative environment that fuels innovation.” He also takes great pride in MetrumRG's guiding principles, with a special emphasis on "Growth of Science and Technology." This underscores his belief in the importance of open-source tool development in advancing the fields of science and technology.

EricAndersonIMGBeyond the data-driven world, Eric finds joy in the simple adventures of life with his wife and two-year-old son. From park escapades to museum visits, every moment is an exploration, turning even a routine trip to the grocery store into a thrilling experience. Eric’s family also includes a couple of furry members Ted and Brin, the Shih Tzu duo that have been part of Eric's journey since the post-college years. Ted is a protector and Brin enjoys the finer things, bringing warmth to the Anderson household. 

While Eric occasionally watches podcasts on YouTube, he also values the holistic benefits of weightlifting, aiming for 2-3 sessions a week. He firmly believes in the mental health benefits that physical exercise offers.

With a bucket list that dreams of overseas journeys, Eric, who has yet to venture beyond the USA and Canada, envisions immersing himself in diverse cultures and landscapes. His top priority is a family adventure that promises new experiences and perspectives.

Given the opportunity to have dinner with anyone, Eric’s choice is endearing: "My mother's father (my grandfather). He passed away when my mom was a teenager, so I never got the chance to meet him, but I have heard stories." 

Eric's favorite quote by Lao Tzu, "He who does not trust enough will not be trusted," gains deeper meaning when reflecting on the stories that transcend time. This saying not only encapsulates a profound truth about interpersonal relationships but also aligns with the theme of connection across different contexts and experiences.

What others say about Eric

Every time I get on a Zoom call with Eric, it brightens my day a bit. He always has a good attitude and always contributes something thoughtful and useful to any discussion. As a teammate, he is quick to offer help on any issue, and I'm consistently impressed with his breadth of knowledge and his practical problem-solving skills. I have never talked to anyone who wasn't glad to have Eric on their project team.” 
- Seth Green, Manager of Data Science Engineering

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