Employee Spotlight: Jia Kang - A Portrait of Dedication, Innovation, and Cultural Richness

Posted by Barb Turney on Jul 10, 2023 11:31:23 AM

JiaKang_web_2023 (1)-1In our Employee Spotlight this month, we proudly feature
Dr. Jia Kang, an extraordinary member of our team. With a deep passion for pharmacometrics and clinical pharmacology, Jia brings a unique perspective and an unwavering drive for excellence.

Work Life at MetrumRG:

As a member of our PKPD team, Jia's research interests revolve around various cutting-edge methods in modeling and simulation. Her expertise spans PKPD  modeling, exposure-response analysis, disease progression, pediatric clinical trial simulation, and model-based meta-analysis in a Bayesian framework. With proficiency in tools like NONMEM, R,  general tools for Bayesian analysis, as well as Shiny for web application development using R, Jia possesses a diverse skill set that enables her to tackle complex challenges and provide invaluable insights to our clients.

For Jia, the appeal of MetrumRG lies in our diverse and highly capable team. Throughout her 9 years at MetrumRG, she has most appreciated the breadth of expertise among her colleagues and the culture of collaboration, essential elements in the complex field of biomedical research.

When asked what stands out about our company’s core values, Jia highlighted the unwavering commitment to embracing novel techniques. “To me, these innovative methods offer fresh perspectives, enabling us to understand complex underlying questions and craft efficient, tailored strategies. Innovation isn't just a buzzword at MetrumRG - it's an integral part of our everyday lives,” Jia said. 

A Glimpse into Jia’s World:

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jia finds joy in the simpler pleasures of life, such as immersing herself in captivating TV programs including the comedy-drama The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The show's characters, brimming with courage, honesty, and kindness, bring laughter and joy to her well-deserved downtime.

Jia's personal aspirations reflect her deep desire for cultural exploration. At the top of her bucket list is an extensive journey through Europe. She can’t wait to experience breathtaking architecture, bustling city streets, and exotic cuisines.

Jia-spotlightFueling Motivation:

Her guiding philosophy in life is best captured in a quote by Soren Kierkegaard: "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." This quote inspires Jia to value her past experiences, draw wisdom from them, and boldly strive towards the future.

Maintaining a balanced rhythm in her life, Jia places great importance on physical fitness. Her preferred routine involves weight training, which enhances her physical strength, boosts her concentration, and gives her the energy she needs to keep up with her energetic young daughter!

What Others Say About Jia

“Throughout her tenure with us, Jia has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, creative insight, and a collaborative spirit. Her strong drive for excellence, combined with her exceptional technical skills, have had a profound impact on our company's success. Jia's contributions, both in research and in fostering a culture of collaboration, make her an invaluable asset to our team.”
Curtis Johnston, Pharm.D., Group Leader PKPD, Principal Scientist II

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