Metrum Research Group Announces Dr. Daniel Kirouac as Vice President of Translational and Systems Pharmacology

Posted by Barb Turney on Dec 12, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Screenshot 2023-12-11 at 10.11.59 AMMetrum Research Group proudly welcomes Dr. Daniel Kirouac, Ph.D., as the Vice President of Translational and Systems Pharmacology (TSP). Dr. Kirouac brings over a decade of experience spanning academia, small biotech, big pharma, and consulting roles. His expertise in computational modeling and translational science will play a significant role in advancing drug development strategies at MetrumRG.

Dr. Kirouac joins our senior leadership team, having held formative roles at organizations such as Notch Therapeutics, Applied BioMath, Genentech, and Merrimack Pharmaceuticals. His career highlights include spearheading the establishment of scientific teams, developing novel computational methods, and integrating advanced technologies into the research and development pipeline.

"Dr. Kirouac's expertise in computational modeling and translational science, coupled with his dedication to advancing drug development, positions him as a key contributor to our team," said Bill Knebel, President of Quantitative Science at MetrumRG. "His vision, experience, and expertise strongly resonates with our mission to improve health and defeat disease, particularly in addressing unmet medical needs experienced across the globe."

"Metrum Research Group's culture, commitment to open science, and expertise in biomedical modeling and simulation closely align with my perspective on the future of drug development," remarked Dr. Kirouac. "I am excited to join the amazing team at MetrumRG."

As the Vice President of TSP, Dr. Kirouac will be instrumental in charting the strategic direction of the functional unit. His role involves providing scientific mentorship and leadership, optimizing interdisciplinary client project teams, and fostering the professional growth of scientific staff. Dr. Kirouac's leadership will significantly contribute to the company's growth initiatives.

Dr. Kirouac is extensively engaged in the wider scientific community. He has co-authored 27 publications and actively participated in over 30 scientific symposia worldwide, focusing on systems pharmacology, bioinformatics, and cancer therapy. Additionally, he holds an adjunct professorship at the University of British Columbia and serves on leadership committees at the University of Florida and the American Society for Clinical Pharmacology. His diverse contributions across various organizations underscore his dedication to advancing scientific innovation

MetrumRG's dedication to improving health and defeating diseases aligns seamlessly with Dr. Kirouac's vision. His active involvement in setting strategic goals and representing the company externally will further elevate our position as an industry leader in biomedical decision making. 

About Metrum Research Group:

Metrum Research Group, established in 2004, is a leading provider of biomedical modeling and simulation services and technology solutions. Comprising experienced scientists, technologists, and support staff, Metrum Research Group is committed to transforming the landscape of biomedical research, enabling informed decision-making through data-driven quantitative methods. The company provides innovative solutions at the intersection of data, science, and technology to generate key insights that impact biomedical decision-making. 

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