Employee Spotlight: Kiersten Utsey

Celebrating 20 Years of Pursuing a Mission

Fostering Change: A Scientist's Path to Impact in Rare Disease Research

Employee Spotlight: Eric Anderson - Navigating Data with Dedication

The Magic of Giving: A Look Back at How MetrumRG Spread Joy Through Our Annual Toy Drive

Employee Spotlight: Danielle Dunn - A Pillar of MetrumRG Since the Beginning

Metrum Research Group Announces Dr. Daniel Kirouac as Vice President of Translational and Systems Pharmacology

Metrum Research Group Celebrates 13 years as a Marcum Tech Top 40 Company

Empowering Stories: A Personal Journey with Early-Stage Breast Cancer

ACoP14 Quality Award-Winning Research: Hierarchical Deep Compartment Modeling (HDCM) by MetrumRG Scientists

This Month’s Employee Spotlight: Jim Chandler

The  MetrumRG Team Steps Up to Support “My Sisters' Place”

Celebrating Michelle Johnson, MetrumRG CEO, as a Finalist for the 2023 Women of Innovation® Awards!

Spotlight on Excellence: Uchenna Emechebe - Bridging Nations and Advancing Science

Making a Splash (or SPLAT!) in the Fight Against Alzheimer's

Employee Spotlight: Jia Kang - A Portrait of Dedication, Innovation, and Cultural Richness

Employee Spotlight: Dan Polhamus

Mental Health Awareness Month: Four Shared Learnings from a Caregiver and Supporter

Stacey Tannenbaum, Ph.D., FISoP, Joins MetrumRG as Vice President, Scientific Engagement

CJ Godfrey, Ph.D. Named Vice President, PKPD, Quantitative Sciences

Employee Spotlight: Darrell (DJ) Breedan

Employee Spotlight: Gabriella Farrick

MetrumRG Welcomes Quality Director, Ted Gilbert!

Employee Spotlight: Heather Demers

Thoughts on Machine Learning and AI from ACoP: Part Three

Thoughts on Machine Learning and AI from ACoP: Part Two

MetrumRG Welcomes Eric Sobie and Katharina Wilkins!

Thoughts on Machine Learning and AI from ACoP: Part One

MetrumRG named to the 2022 Marcum Tech Top 40

Passion is driven by purpose

Do Your Best

Welcome Dick Brundage to MetrumRG!

Employee Spotlight: Andreas Handel, Ph.D.

Employee Spotlight: Shen Cheng, Ph.D.

Employee Spotlight: Grace O'Brien, MS

In Honor of Rare Disease Month

An Extension of Beta Regression to Handle Scores at Boundaries

MetrumRG Employee's Outreach Efforts Continue

MetrumRG - Founding Sponsor of Women In Bio CT

Staying Connected, on Mission

Expand your knowledge of quantitative pharmacology--check out our online training resources and newly launched discussion forum!

MetrumRG "COOPED UP" Webinar Series to Begin

Showing Stripes and more for Rare Disease Day 2020

Significance and Directional Inference

Statistical Significance is a Result, Not a Conclusion

MetrumRG Winter 2020 Newsletter

A Significant Tilling of the Statistical Soil: The ASA Statement on Statistical Significance and P-values

Check out these recent publications by authors at Metrum Research Group and our collaborators!

MetrumRG Fall Community Outreach Efforts

MetrumRG at ACoP 2019

MetrumRG Fall 2019 Newsletter

MetrumRG at Walk MS

Proposal for an Open Software Development Life Cycle

MetrumRG at R/Pharma

Where to find MetrumRG in August!

MetrumRG at JSM2019 in Denver, CO

MetrumRG scientists announced as ACoP10 Quality Award winner!

ISoP Regional QSP Day 2019

MetrumRG Game Night Fundraiser for The Longest Day

MetrumRG Summer 2019 Newsletter

MetrumRG at PAGE 2019 Recap

Showing Stripes for Rare Disease Day

Rare Disease Day is February 28th

Metrum Research Group February 2019 Newsletter

Marc R. Gastonguay, Ph.D., awarded 2018 Bristol-Myers Squibb Mentorship in Clinical Pharmacology Award

Metrum Research Group Fall 2018 Newsletter

Metrum Research Group’s Leader of Statistical Modeling & Methods Promoted to Fellow

Bayesian Inference With Partial Differential Equations Using Stan

Metrum Research Group honored to be a 2018 Marcum Tech Top 40 Award recipient

Metrum Research Group Talks at 1st Annual R/Pharma Conference in Boston

Torsten: Stan Functions for Pharmacometrics Applications

Welcome Devin Pastoor, Ph.D.

MetrumRG Soccer Day - The "Other" Soccer Game of the Week!

A Model of the Effects of GI Disease and Diet on Child Body Composition in Order to Improve Outcomes in Those Suffering from Malnutrition

Check out these recent publications by authors at Metrum Research Group and our collaborators!

Bayesian Data Analysis Using Stan/Torsten for Pharmacometric Applications

Infrastructure for Efficient and Effective Implementation of Modeling and Simulation in the Cloud

Slides available:  Neighbor’s Envy Owner’s Pride – Comparator Analysis for Drug Development and Market Access

Modeling methods for analyzing tumor dynamic data from basket trials

Gaining Efficiency by Combining Analytical and Numerical Methods to Solve ODEs: Implementation in Stan and Application to Bayesian PK/PD Modeling

Slides available: Points to Consider when Making Inferences about Covariates

Theory, Empiricism, and a Vision for the Continued Growth of Pharmacometrics

An ODE to Open Science

Metrum Research Group Recipient of Marcum Tech Top 40 Award; Tenth Annual Event to Honor Metrum Research Group as one of 40 Fastest Growing Tech Companies

Metrum Research Group Announces New President

Cloud Computing at ACoP

Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

Adding Sinew to Roxygen Skeletons

Hepatitis C Viral Dynamic Modeling and Clinical Pharmacology

PaSiPhIC Conference

Metrum Research Group Presents at PAGE 2012

Metrum Research Group Presents at Bio-IT World 2012

What Decisions Benefit from Model-Based Meta-Analysis (MBMA)?

Can methods based on existing models really aid decision making in non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) trials?

AAIC Poster

Open Availability of Pharmacometrics Training Lectures

Rare Disease Day 2014: Orphan Drug Trial Design and Analysis

ggedit 0.2.0 is now on CRAN

Marcum Tech Top 40

Practice of Bayesian Analysis

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